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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sea World Luau

Our first evening in Orlando my parents got us tickets to go to the Hawaiian Luau show that Sea World has at night. It was extra special for us to go! Even though we were tired and hot from being at the park all day, this was worth seeing!! The food was a lot and delicious, the show was spectacular and Ana Maria loved all of it!! She was picked to go on stage with my sister and my and my dad was picked also!
The whole day and night was so special and fun!!

Ana Maria sat at the end of the table so everyone came to her to dance and sing!

She was reaching for the lady apparently!

It was so cute with her and Sarah on stage...she took it serious!

My dad did too!!

My parents told the waitress that we were celebrating Ana Maria's birthday :)

This little dancer was so cute!!

I'm sure he loved taking a picture with a sweaty pregnant woman! haha
VIDEOS of Sarah, Ana Maria and dad on stage :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sea World-Day1!

*I'm still updating from Florida! These days it seems like I either take a nap or blog and most days I choose to take a nap. That's why it has taken me so long to update!*

While we were in Florida for the wedding and visiting, my parents planned a trip for us all to go to Sea World in Orlando. Of course, it was all about Ana Maria and she had the best time! She wasn't afraid of any of the rides, animals or shows. She loved every minute of it and loved being with her grandparents, aunt and uncle. She is such a lucky girl to have a family that loves her and cares so much about her.
We were there for two days because it is buy one day, get the 2nd day free. It was worth staying two days because there was just so much to see and we could take our time knowing we were going back the next day.
I will never forget how hot I was! I kept asking everyone else if they were as hot as me, and they said they weren't, haha! They were so helpful with Ana Maria and did everything for me. Dad wouldn't even let me push the stroller because that was "too" much! Thank you mom and dad for a great time!

She fell asleep so while mom, dad and Lee rode rides, Sarah and I took her into the penguin encounter where it was cool and we could rest also. It was so hot!!

I know this picture is not so cute but I will never forget how hot I was. I was soaked! I was so blessed to have my family there to help with eveything Ana Maria needed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy World Cup Day!!

Our family is excited for the start of the World Cup! We watched Shakira and Juanes perform today live for the opening ceremony and feel even more excited! Check out our version of soccer these days...

Beautiful Baby Sprinkle

While we were in Florida, my mom and sister hosted a beautiful baby sprinkle for baby #2! I was so excited, not for the gifts, but because I love baby showers! I love seeing everyone, the food, the games and just the excitement of someone bringing new life into the world! This time it was all about me and baby (plus Ana Maria!)!
There were about 25 ladies there and we had a great time. Mom hosted it on Wednesday evening at 5:00 so we served Olive Garden dinner to everyone. Then had ice cream cake for dessert!
We played one cute game where everyone wrote a funny or sweet saying on the front of a diaper. So when I am changing in the middle of the night, I can at least smile and think about who wrote that funny saying!
Thank you mom and Sarah for such a beautiful sprinkle! You are always so thoughtful and generous!

Mom used Ana Maria's paintings as the table runner on the cofee table :)

Everyone wrote their gusses for boy or girl and due date. I wish I had a picture of the finished poster!

Most of the women were moms friends but it was nice to see some of my friends moms there as well.

My mom and dad started an organization that gives special children a fishing trip on a charted boat. My mom presented the first certificate to her friend and her grandson at the shower. It was an amazing moment to see how surprised and happy she was to recieve it!

Nicole was in line first to get yummy food!

The delicious ice cream cake from Carvel, my favorite!

Ana Maria loved to help open all the presents and cards!

This is gross but seems to be what she likes the most lately! haha

The cute diaper game that everyone played!