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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Life Jacket

We went to a friends garage sale on Saturday and this is what we came home with! Ana Maria owns her first life jacket for $1.00! It is in perfect condition and even better, has Dora on it! I don't know when we will get to use it in Arkansas, but maybe we'll bring it to Florida in December and let Uncle John take us on his boat!
She is so proud of it and wants to snap the buckles all my herself! She wears it all over the house as you can see in the pictures!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cuddling with Papa

This is how I found Ana Maria and Eduardo this morning when I got out of the shower...cuddling together on the couch! We were suppose to be getting ready for church but I bet they thought this would be more fun! She loves to lay on the couch with a blanket and usually asks for Eduardo (not me!) to join her. It is just so cute that she truly is a "Daddy's Little Girl"!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blue Tongue

Last night we knew she was too quiet to be okay! We walked into the computer room and found her sucking a blue highlighter! Our baby girl still is putting things in her mouth...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Athlete BBQ

Ana Maria and I were so excited we were able to go with Eduardo to the Annual Back to School Athlete BBQ at the University of Arkansas. Of course, their whole tennis team was there and loved seeing Ana Maria again (she gets so shy in front of the guys though). It was fun also to see all the other sports that we see compete every year up close. The big highlight was "Tusk" the Razorback was there and Ana Maria got to see him for the first time! We look forward to a sports filled year!!

Eduardo with TK, a guy on the tennis team :) He always loves to hold Ana Maria!

She loved looking at Tusk but did not want to touch!

The guys asked me to take a picture for them.
This is the 2009-2010 Men's Razorback Tennis Team!

Of course Ana Maria had to get in there too!!

Family picture with Tusk :)

She was trying to touch in this picture because she saw other people touching

Did you notice her cute Razorback outfit? She is our Razorback girl!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday Church and Dogs!

Last Sunday we went to St. Raphael's Catholic Church in Springdale. We haven't been going but want to get back into the routine of going every Sunday and becoming involved. Ana Maria looked so pretty in her Sunday dress!

Afterwards, Ana Maria was asked to babysit her friend Owen's dogs. If you know our family, you know that we will probably never have a dog and have never had one in the past (Me)! It was fun and interesting. It wasn't a long amount of time but we had fun with them and Ana Maria took very good care of them. She gave them water, food and a nice walk around the neighborhood! They were taken very well care of! We actually might ask to babysit them again sometime for an afternoon...surprise!


This is Ana Maria being silly with us at breakfast. We usually rush breakfast during the week to go somewhere so on the weekends we try to relax and eat something good and slow!

Here she is with the doggies!! She was little Mrs. Mama and did a good job!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Julieta & Cousin Ramiro

These are sweet pictures of Ana Maria's cousins that live in Argentina that we got in the mail this week. We were so excited to see the new baby and how big she has grown and how big Ramiro is also. Although Ana Maria and them have never met we hope to make a trip to Argentina soon to visit. We love getting pictures in the meantime!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Razorback Fan Day!

Saturday the University of Arkansas hosted a Fan Day to get everyone pumped up about the upcoming football season. We were there and had a great time! Ana Maria wore her razorback attire proudly and enjoyed seeing all the people and cheerleaders. She did not like seeing the mascots, which was different than this time last year. She is just getting so big and can realize now that there is something strange about that big hog dressed up!

Here she is strutting her cute razorback skirt!

She always has a smile on her face :)

The cheerleaders let her touch thier pom poms but she wasn't too sure about them...she tends to get really shy around big crowds of people.

Look at her face looking at the mascot!

She was pulling away and did not want to shake his hand!

My future cheerleader with the girls from Arkansas!

The cheerleaders were sweet to hold her...she liked them better than the mascots!

They had inflatables for the kids to jump in

We found this cool Razorback car as we were leaving

Here I am posing in front of the nose...Ana Maria wouldn't get close to the car either!
As we were leaving some friends asked us to come over for a BBQ. It was fun and Ana Maria had more fun than all of us playing with their little baby girl, Charlie! She loves babies :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinner with The Brewsters!

Last week we met Brad, Ambre, Owen and baby Addyson at their house. They live close enough to a pizza place that we could walk there and walk home after eating pizza and drinking beer! The whole time it seemed like we laughed so hard just watching Owen and Ana Maria together! They play so good together everytime and love each other very much. The pictures tell all :) Thank you Brewsters for a fun night! We can't wait to do it again when you come home!

Owen and Ana Maria playing with the sugar packets :)

She is so silly with Owen!!

Brad, Ambre and baby Addyson

Eduardo and I at dinner

After they couldn't sit in the high chairs any longer, they ran laps around the restaurant.

Owen got upset everytime Ana Maria tried to sit in his stroller....she knows what makes him mad and does it even more. My little stinker!

The water cup that ended the whole night FAST!

She thought it was so funny to sprinkle water on his head :)
When we left the restaurant, we noticed a fire truck sitting in the parking lot. We walked over to it and the firemen were leaving the restaurant at the same time. They allowed the kids to climb inside and take pictures. They even gave them stickers and a fire hat. It was a special treat at the end of our fun night!

Owen and Ana Maria proud to be in the fire truck.

Eduardo with his two buddies!

Daddy's and kids :)

My fire girl!!

All the firemen and our men...with Ana Maria and Addyson!

Ana Maria loves baby Addyson :)

She's ready for the walk home.

So are these kiddos!!

This is the scene that ended the night FAST! We had finished eating when this happened so we just cleaned up and left FAST! Ambre and I made it worse because we couldn't stop laughing!

Getting into the big fire truck!