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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Painting by the pool

Every afternoon mom had a fun art project for Ana Maria, always outside by the pool. It is always so cool and shady on their porch and with the pool right there, it makes for a beautiful place to sit. Ana Maria concentrates so hard when she is doing a project, I love it!

These are the two bird houses that she painted and then my dad helped her fill them with bird food and hang them outside. Grandparents are so fun and special!

Mom walked back out again adn found Dad, Ana Maria and Lee sitting like this with their feet in the pool, priceless!

So she then walked around to get on of the front :)

A fun day with Tio & Tia

When we are in Florida Ana Maria loves spending time with Tio Jose and Tia Adriana, of course they love spending time with her too! Tio took us out in his new convertible to the park and we had so much fun! It was hot but Ana Maria loved the wind on her hair and checking out all the cars so close to us as we were driving. Thanks for a fun day!

Her first convcertible ride :)

Eduardo took this picture...

Tio brought bubbles to the park and she loved it! This was the best bubble wand I have ever seen!

She started climbing to the top all by herself so Jose quickly ran to the rescue in case she fell, she has no fear!

When we got home, she was so hot and wanted to get in the pool. No bathing suit, just fun!!

And of course wanted to swim all by herself. The floatie they have at their house for her is great :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Day

Here are a ton of pictures from the wedding day of my cousin AJ and his bride Carrie. This was all the first weekend we were in Florida. It was so beautiful and so much fun with Ana Maria being the flower girl and the only kid at the wedding! Everyone spoiled her so much!! She did exactly what she was suppose to do walking out, stood still and held Shelby's hand during the whole ceremony and danced the night away at the reception. During the cocktail hour she was the only one on the dance floor so of course everyone just ohhh'd and ahhh'd over it!

Getting her hair done by mom...we pretended she was at the beauty shop and she loved it!

After getting her hair done all the girls met at Carrie's house for formal pictures.

Right after that we reported to the ceremony site :)

She had to walk out all by herself and did it perfect!!

She stood at the front of the receiving line with her fingers in her mouth, haha!
She was excited to see Eduardo when it was all over...

Here are all the cousins, minus my cousin Ben

My aunt Leslie and Uncle John with cousin AJ, his parents.

Doesn't my mom look beautiful? I loved her dress!

My sister Sarah is always so cute too!

Ana Maria shaking it on the dance floor all alone
My sweet friend Angie let me borrow this dress for the wedding. It was so comfortable and cute!
Sarah and her boyfriend Chris

Introducing the wedding party

The wedding party dance

Sarah caught the bouquet!!
and Nicole's boyfriend Shannon caught the garter :)
VIDEOS: These are of Ana Maria shaking it on the dance floor!


Saturday morning before the wedding we got up and went straight to the beach. It is so close to our house so we couldn't wait to get there fast! Eduardo was there for such a short time also, he wanted to make sure he went. We spent all morning there because it wasn't too sunny and the tide was very low. Look how excited she is in all the pictures, she loved it!
Grandmom gave her a cup to take to collect shells in and Tia Adriana came with us :)

VIDEO: Sweet girl playing at the beach!