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Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Year Checkup

Ana Maria had her two year checkup this week. This doctor visit was so different than the last times we have been. This time she actually acted like she knew what was going to happen and got so scared and funny about being with the nurse and the doctor. Anytime before now she could have cared less but this time she was aware!

She weighs 31 lbs (90th percentile) and is 34 inches tall (50th percentile). He said she is perfectly proportioned, especially because she was such a BIG baby and she has really evened out!! She is up to date on all of her vaccines and even recieved her last Hepitatis A shot that day also. All of the questions the nurse and doctor asked, I could answer yes with confidence to about her being developmentally on track. I am so proud our little girl is doing right what she should be doing and more!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"R" is for Razorbacks!

At school this week we celebrated the letter "R" by inviting the Razorbacks to visit and talk with the kids about sportsmanship. It was a hit and we were so thrilled when we found out that DJ Williams would be the Razorback that was coming. He read to the kids, talked about being on a team and even about loving God. How cool is that! We "Called the Hogs" and even sang some church songs. He was a great guest speaker and represented the University of Arkansas well.
Go Razorbacks!

This is my sweet class with DJ. All the kids dressed in Razorback clothes too :)

I was able to grab a picture of Ana Maria with him alone...She was smiling big!

This is Ana Maria's class. She is in the back next to him saying "cheeese!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farewell Party

We had a farwell party for a good friend on Friday at Natalia's house. It wasn't a "party, party" because we were not celebrating but we were wishing Patricia and her family the best of luck on their new adventures moving to Switzerland. Her husband works for P&G so they had to move. We will miss them a lot but know we will keep in touch and hopefully even visit there sometime!

Santiago and Ana Maria have been best friends since she was 6 months old. They love eachother!

He just follows her around and lets her lead the way!

Atheena, Natalia, Patricia and I before most people got there.

Some of the girls that are always together with Patricia...

He was giving her a goodbye kiss when we were getting ready to leave!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Proud sister

I am a proud sister! My sister Sarah, who is a 3rd grade teacher in South Florida, received the First Year Teacher Award at her school this year and is now competing for the district title and maybe even the state and national title! This is a picture of her and her principal. There is a big ceremony this weekend which my whole family will attend to support her.
We are all proud of you Sarah!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Farmington Fire Station

Thursday morning we visited the Farmington Fire Dept. with the MOMS Club and it was great. All the firefighters there are volunteers and most work for the Fayetteville Fire Dept. usually and there on their days off volunteering. It was small and they were very good with the kids. They did a demonstration of their uniforms, talked to the kids about fire safety and then showed everyone the trucks. They even let the kids climb inside and walk through. At the end everyone got stickers, hats and coloring books. Ana Maria enjoyed all of it, but was a little scared when the the firefighter put his uniform on.

My pretty girl!

I love this cute picture of Hunter standing next to the boots :)

She loves to cuddle with Catherine and Andreas

She didn't want to be in the truck either...can you see her face? :)

She was so proud to show me everything they gave her! She colors in the book everyday since!!

These were all the moms and kiddos there :)

I love being with Ana Maria everyday doing fun things and she is learning so much!

She is a proud grandmom!

My mom and dad are so proud to be grandparents...especially my mom!! When Ana Maria was born there was a huge poster hanging on her whole door announcing the birth to everyone that walked by her classroom (she is a 4th grade teacher). This time she made another poster (not sooo big) that announced Ana Maria was going to be a Big Sister!! I love it and I know Ana Maria is going to think it is really cute when she gets older too!
If you want to check out my moms story of the poster, check out her blog...

These were the pictures I sent to our families to announce we were pregnant! She printed them and put them on this poster outside of her classroom.

Her is proud grandmom!! She doesn't even look like a grandmom does she??

These are her two good friends standing outside of the poster, they like it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Day!

Ana Maria's day on Wednesday for her birthday was filled with so much excitment and fun! We had a special birthday breakfast, but I forgot to buy more candles so the Yankee Candle had to do...haha! She didn't mind as long as she could still blow it out!

After breakfast, she recieved a package in the mail from my mom and dad. She remembered just opening up the Valentine package so she knew there was going to be good stuff inside! SHe tore open the whole thing by herself and was smiling the whole time!

Mom wrapped everything individually so it was fun for her to open everything :)

She got Mickey Mouse shape and color cards! She loves Mickey Mouse!

Here she is holding up an Elmo movie so excited!! We have watched it so many times since... :)

She has loved playing with the Mr. Potato head also. I remember playing with one of these as a kid. They are fun!

She didn't care about the check, but loved reading the card signed by everyone!
After all that, she still had to go to school! It was Razorback Day so that is why she is wearing a "Hogs" dress. Eduardo came and we celebrated in the morning during her snack time with blueberry muffins and party hats. She knew it was all about her and her friends all just kept staring at her! It was cute :)

Eduardo is so proud of his sweet baby girl!

She had a fun day at school and then after her nap we met some good friends at Fun City for playing and cupcakes. We brought cupcakes, jucie and oranges for the kids. We only invited her close friends because we just had her big birthday and I didn't want anyone to think I was going overboard! Thank you to everyone that came that afternoon also. It was a lot of fun and she had a ball!
After Fun City, her and I had a little date at Taco Bueno before we headed home for bed :) She is my sweetheart and she is two years old!! What a fun birthday!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Party at School

Ana Maria's school, Mt. Comfort Church of Christ Sonshine School, celebrated their Valentine's parties on Monday. It was more than adorable! All t he kids in the school ate pizza, and each class had fruit, sweets and veggies. I never thought the little ones in Ana Maria's class would have eaten more than one piece of pizza, but they did! I was there to witness their second piece, even Ana Maria!
They sit in these really cute chairs and the little boy to the left of Ana Maria kept trying to eat her pizza. I heard her say, "no, no, pizza!" I was so proud of her for standing up for herself! She has such a sweet class and a lot of them are now starting to turn two years old...just like my baby girl! Everytime I walk by and peek in the window, she is playing so hard, doing an art project or eating :) I love it!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day with Eduardo able to be home with us!! He did have practice during her nap, but that was okay...
After our "Valentine breakfast" she opened up a package from my mom and dad. She always gets excited when things come in the mail for her but she knew this one was extra special. Grandmom had been asking her all week on the phone if she opened it yet!

I wonder why grandmom sent glue??
She loves to read cards!
She sent two door hangers for Ana Maria to make. Of course, she wanted to make them both right away and loved every minute of it!! Thanks Mom :)
She was so good doing it all by herself...I love how independent and crafty she likes to be!
Here is the first finished door hanger...
and the second...

For dinner that night we went to Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. Eduardo and I had never been there before but a sweet girl in my class gave me a giftcard for Christmas that we had saved. Ana Maria also got a free kids meal for her birthday! It was a very kid friendly restaurant and the burgers and fries were so good!! My friend Tamara told me to ask for a special sauce that also made it even more yummy! To top off the night, the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to Ana Maria and brought her a huge sundae. We had a special day!!

VIDEO: This is a sweet video of the restaurant singing Happy Birthday!!