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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun City Valentine Party

The MOMS Club had their annual Valentine Party at Fun City. We ate pizza, played games and had fun with friends!!

Snow and School

After school, all the kids wanted to play in the snow before we got in the car. Of course I had to grab my camera and take a few cute pics!!

Best friends~Cora and Ana Maria

Cora, Ana Maria, Lola and Emmy

Going to school in the snow

We thought school was going to be cancelled for the day because of the snow but it wasn't. Before school we went outside for a few quick photos, it was cold!!

Making Valentines

Ana Maria handmade all of the valentines that she sent to our family this year!
She even wrote:
Happy Valentines Day~Love, Ana Maria
inside every card!!

School (at home!)

Ana Maria is enrolled in a fabulous at home preschool program. We work on weekly lessons that are given to us and Ana Maria loves it! I love it too because she is learning so much and I get to be her teacher!! Kathryn participates by sitting in her chair and coloring :)

Opening presents!

The party didn't stop at the Boys and Girls Club Pool! We came home and she immediately wanted to open presents, which kid doesn't? We usually don't open at the birthday place because it gets so chaotic! This way it's calm and she can truly remember and see who gave her each present. She was so thankful for everything she received!!