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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hiking at Devil's Den

Wednesday morning was such a beautiful day so we took advantage of the great weather and headed to Devil's Den State Park. We seem to take everyone there that visits because it is just so fun and so beautiful! We took a hiking backpack for Ana Maria but all she wanted to do once she got in was walk, so that didn't last long. That was the first time that she asked to walk so much. She wanted to be like all of us walking! We looked in the visitors center, hiked the trail with the caves and then visited the dam where Eduardo fished and we threw rocks with Ana Maria.

Sarah and Ana Maria checking out a snack in the visitors center

Eduardo ready to take Ana Maria hiking!

All hands in for the team hike!

Lee showing us a beautiful sight :)

Both of my sweethearts!

Dad and Lee didn't make it far down in the cave without a flashlight...

Sarah and Ana Maria were a little cold :)

She was saying "shhh" because we told her there might be bears inside! It was cute!

Dad and Ana Maria trying to avoid the running water we had to walk under

Lee taking a drink :)

This was the family picture without me before someone came along to take one for us...

Here is the whole family!

Sarah and I together

The waterfall was full of water because of all the ice melting away from the night before

Dad and Ana Maria taking a break together

Eduardo and Lee made it to the top of the was cool to see :)

It was so cold but Eduardo wanted to be strong and take his shirt off for a pose, haha!

Aunt Sarah and Ana Maria

How appropriate is this sign for Lee??

Mom and Dad hiking the dam

Lee trying to catch a fish

Mom making a beautiful pose :)

Momma and Ana Maria :)

I love this action shot of her throwing a rock

Here is the follow through of the rock throwing

What a beautiful day!

Mom, Sarah and I

Ana Maria trying out Eduardo's fishing pole...he caught a fish too!!
Daddy and daughter fishing together!
After Devil's Den we were so hungry and in the mood for chicken...we ate a big lunch at AQ Chicken and showed Dad the true way to eat chicken around here!! It was yummy!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

They are here!!

My family is finally here! That is my dad, mom, sister (Sarah), and brother (Lee)! They came for a whole week for Thanksgiving! Can you tell how excited I am?? We are so happy! Here are the pictures from the airport Tuesday when they arrived. My sister came Tuesday also but on a different flight later that night. We have been doing so much together. I'll have so many pictures and posts to do later...

This was us at home before we left for the airport...

She was so excited! We decided to wait until after her nap to tell her everyone was coming because we knew she wouldn't stop asking :)

This is her sitting on the ground in the airport with her sign :)

She was so proud of the sign and wanted to make sure her held it!

Grandmom giving her a BIG hug!!

Grand-daddy giving her lots of kisses!!

My mom (grandmom) so excited to see Ana Maria!

She just couldn't get enough!
Waiting for their bags and getting more cuddle time before getting in the van they rented :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lights of the Ozarks

Saturday night we went as a happy family to the Lights of the Ozarks in downtown Fayetteville. It was such a wonderful family experience! They supposedly do this event every year but last year we were not here for it. The downtown square is covered in lights, I wish I knew how many and they also had the Fayetteville Christmas parade. The crowd counted down for the lights to come on which was so beautiful! The Christmas parade wasn't so great but of course to the kids it was the best...that's all that matters! We saw so many families that we knew there and met up with our good friends Natalia and Andres to eat afterwards. Santiago and Ana Maria love playing together, we just don't get to see them as often as we used to with her working so much now. It was such a special and fun night to kick off the holiday season!

Don't you love his funny faces!

Look at her sweet smile!!

The papas and babies!

Santiago and Ana Maria playing around before everything started :)

She watched most of the parade on Eduardo's shoulders :)

My good friend Natalia and I

Here is another face!!!

She loves putting her hands in her pockets if she has them in her pants :)

Santiago was lifting up his shirt to show Ana Maria his abs!! She was checking it out but won't be quite impressed for many years Santiago!

They both were reading the menu for us in the resturant, Thai Diner downtown :)
VIDEO: She was so funny reading the menu to us!