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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Beautiful Baby Sprinkle!

My good friends Catherine, Tamara and Eylem hosted a beautiful baby sprinkle at Catherine's house while my sister was here two weeks ago. It was so special to me! They decorated everything so beautiful, made such delicious food, gave such cute favors to everyone and just had a great time with everyone there!!

Catherine's cousin Kristen made this beautiful moral for the new baby's room. It is already hanging in there!

I loved the cute banner she made to go across the fireplace and the cute paper balls that hung everywhere

They had two cute party favors to give to everyone, how special!

I'm not kidding when I say the food was soo good! I wish I had a picture of ALL the food but I did get one of all the desserts :)

Emily, Bonnie, Sarah, and Tamara...good friends enjoying good food in the kitchen!

You can see a little bit of the food behind me and my big belly :)

Catherine made me such a pretty diaper cake that I don't want to take apart :)

It was so fun and special!

My sweet friend Veronica and her baby girl

Eduardo loved the Arkansas outfit, me too!

A cute picture frame that was made for new Baby Rincon!

My good friend Jennifer and I are due the same week. She doesn't even look pregnant!!

The three hosts, Catherine, Tamara and Eylem~thank you girls for everything!!

Sarah came :)

My sister Sarah came to visit us in Arkansas the week of July 12th to help me get ready for the new baby. She is so helpful to me and Ana Maria!! We tried to spoil Sarah because of how helpful she was to us but we just had so much to do at home. She climbed in the attic for me, washed all the new baby clothes, organized everything and was just so helpful!! Thank you Sarah for a fun week!

Ana Maria waiting for Aunt Sarah with her sign at the airport :)

We went straight to Ricks Bakery after the airport...yummy lunch and dessert!

We did have time to hit the pool at FAC one morning and it was fun!

Bunco Baby Shower

I play Bunco once a month with a really fun group of girls! Each month we rotate houses, have dinner, chat and then play bunco with fun prizes always at the end. Last month they hosted a baby shower at the end for me also which was fun and special :)

My good friend Tamara and I. She is the one that invited me to the group!

My sister Sarah was here for the week and got to play with us also. She is modeling next to the beautiful table that was set up for us to eat on at Tamara's parents house.

The girls! Thanks to everyone for a fun night and lots of goodies for our new baby!!

5 Year Anniversary!

Happy 5 Years to Eduardo and I!! July 23rd we celebrated our anniversary :) Since both of us were coming home that day from separate places we celebrated the week before when my sister was here. She babysat for us and we went to PF Changs and walked around the outside mall in Rogers. It was a nice time for us to be alone and to eat a yummy dinner!!
In 5 years we have moved once from Alabama to Arkansas, had 1 baby and now expecting another soon :) We couldn't be happier!!

I am 34 weeks pregnant in this picture!

Monday, July 12, 2010

New bike

Ana Maria got a new bike thanks to our sweet friend Catherine and her family. She loves it and wants to ride it everyday! It has taken her a while to learn how to peddle but she is starting to get the hang of it. Eduardo is better at teaching her right now because bending down for me and trying to walk next to her is a bit hard. I am 33 weeks pregnant!!

Doesn't she look like such a big girl? She is!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Supper Club

We invited good friends over to eat outside one Saturday night, and it has involved into somewhat of a "supper club". Since then, we have been to each one of their houses and we are going to start the rotation again. The kids are all the same age, the dads are all from Colombia and the moms love to just chat about everything! Here are some fun pictures of our outside where the kids had the best time playing together!

Natalia, Erika and I getting ready to walk to the park

Santiago and his family stayed so late so that decided to put them in the bath together!

And then they were running around like naked monkeys laughing so hard! They love eachother!

Last Day of School

It has been so long since school ended but I'm slowing trying to catch up on the blog and not forget anything that has happened!
Ana Maria's last day of school was bittersweet for us. I know that she loves going to school, being with all the kids, her teachers, music, playing and learning. But I also know each year is going to come to an end and then we'll get to be home together more!
The last day the school celebrated by setting up a huge slide for the kids inside the chapel and letting them have popsicles outside. The good thing about me working there also is that I'm there for all the picture taking :)

My big girl is 2 years and 3 months old in this picture! Last day of school!

VIDEO: I think she thought she was at JumpZone at first! None of the other kids in her class wanted to go on the slide until they saw her fly down it, haha!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

End of the Year Program

Ana Maria was so cute in her end of the year program for school! Unfortunatly, Eduardo was out of town with the team so he could not go. I made sure to make plenty of videos for him though and he agreed she was so cute! She was one of the best when it came to singing the song and standing there, although she did have her fingers in her mouth the whole time. I guess that comes with being nervous!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Rodeo Parade


I love comparing pictures from last seems like it was just last week!
Saturday morning we went to the Rodeo Parade in downtown Springdale. It is always on the Saturday of 4th of July weekend so mostly everything is patriotic. Ana Maria loves all the horses and pretty girls in the parade. This year she also liked the candy! Parades are a family favorite of ours!

She loved to run in the road and tell us when she saw the parade coming :)

She waved to everyone