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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Barbie Jeep

We love to play with friends in the afternoons! When we go to Delaney's house, Ana Maria always jumps right into the Barbie jeep and stays in it the whole time we are there. She has gotten better about letting other people drive also but she still drives the best! It is so fun and cute to watch her with her friends!

She was letting Ian drive in this picture but it looks like she was getting out...

Delaney's dad was taking them for a walk

Here they go!

We told them to hang on and look what Ana Maria does! She thinks she is going on a rollercoaster :)

Hotdogs & Ice Cream

This week we went to a friends house for a playday and had hotdogs and ice cream. Bryanna and JJ were so generous to open up to their house to the whole MOMS Club for a fun morning! Ana Maria wanted the swings and this tractor the whole time :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Champagne Night

A group of good friends have started a monthly wine night. I haven't been able to go because I was SO pregnant when they started and then the next month Kathryn was just 2 weeks old. So I finally went this month and had a blast! The wine theme for this month was champagne and I learned a lot that I didn't know. The food was catered by Powerhouse and was delicious! Even though I didn't drink (I am still nursing) it was a fun night with all my friends. There was also a "star" theme and I was Jackie O thanks to friends suggestions and help!

Valerie and Kim presenting on champagne

Demonstrating how to open a bottle the correct way :)

Natalia and I sipping on our water!

Valerie and Natalia

Valerie, Natalia, Amy and is so fun that all our kids are the same ages and we have been friends for over 2 years!

The gang!

New friends Natalia and I met that night
Eduardo was out of town so I had to send him a picture of me alone!

8 Weeks

Kathryn is 8 weeks old in these pictures and video. She is changing so fast and becoming more and more aware and awake! Ana Maria loves her!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

"The Photobooth"

Our friend Marcy and her family brought this photobooth to the MOMS Club Halloween Party. It was awesome and Ana Maria wouldn't get out of it all night!! (I think we'll have to have one at her wedding!) The pictures are so fun and cute. Even Kathryn got in there with us!

Okay...look at the picture on the right side and in the is an identical picture of me when I was a kid! I mean it!! I never thought she looked like me until I saw this!

Her website is if you are ever interested in having one at your event. It is great!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MOMS Club Halloween Party

We attended the annual MOMS Club Halloween party last Friday night and had a blast! It was from 6-8 which were perfect times for us. Eduardo's team had a tournament going on that weekend so we made an appearance in the costume before heading to the party. He always likes to show off his girls!! The guys on the team get a kick out of it also :)
Ana Maria danced the night away with her friends, ate tons of goodies and is just so sweet!! Our sweet friend Catherine gave us the costume for her to wear and we added the hairbow and sparkles on her arms and face. The ballet shoes came from Eduardo's grandmother who makes them. She looked beautiful!
I didn't forget Kathryn :) She dressed like it was her 1st Halloween in her cute shirt that Tio and Tia gave her and cute tights. I loved the Halloween bow in her hair also.
They both are beautiful and sweet!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Always Friends

Owen and Ana Maria don't get to see eachother too often anymore but they will always be friends! We went to their house to help babysit one day last week and they had so much fun playing together with Owen's sister Addyson. We can't wait to do it again hopefully soon!


Friday, October 22, 2010


Most afternoons we are always doing something with friends which makes the afternoons go by fast before Eduardo comes home usually around 7:00. One afternoon this week a sweet friend Martha Paola invited us and a couple other moms over for wine and appetizers. It ended up turning into a little party with all the kids being there and how elaborate Martha Paola made everything! She even had treats for the kids when they went home :) We thank God for our wonderful friends everyday!!

Martha Paola is next to me, the sweet hostess!

Smoke Free

I am excited to say that I have found an organiztion in NWA that I am totally comitted to, being smoke free! All throughout high school and college I worked on several campaigns to make Florida a smoke free state as well as other strong initiatves against the tobacco companies. I was hired by the Florida Department of Health to help lead their Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) campaign and worked as a coordinator in Orange County, FL (Orland0) to promote it in the schools and community. I also worked on the National "Truth" campaign....remember those cool "Truth" commercials that always used to be on TV?? That was me!
Anyways, I am excited that NWA has a team and I look forward to becoming involved. If you are interested in knowing more about what I am doing and how you can join the force, let me know. I wanted to share this cool tailgate that they are doing before the game on October 30th if you want to stop by with me and learn more. Hope you come!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Weeks Old

Sweet baby Kathryn is 7 weeks old and is all smiles!!