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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sister in love

These girls are in love! Ana Maria loves to be with Kathryn and Kathryn loves to look and smile at Ana Maria :) I love to watch them interact and "play" together. So sweet!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Florida Oceanographic Society

Eduardo, my mom, Eduardo's dad, Ana Maria, Kathryn and myself, spent a fun afternoon at the Florida Oceanorgraphic Society. My mom and I have taken Ana Maria once before but she was really young and so much had changed. They had a lot of programs for the kids, a great nature trail and lots of touch tanks. Ana Maria really enjoyed herself and was brave to touch a lot of creatures I didn't think she would touch. Her favorite was the sea star...of course because it was a star! Enjoy our day through pictures :) You know I can never just pick a couple to attach!

Abuelo telling her he found a snake and it was really a stick...she played the trick on him next a couple times too!

The nature trail led us to the Indian River Lagoon

Lots of oyster shells

The top of my boogie wipes fell off as I was opening them. It was way too far down for any of us to try and get it...Ana Maria thought it was so funny but really it was litter...

The beautiful living lagoon

They were trying to feed the sting rays