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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nick Jr. Storytime Live!

Last week Ana Maria and I went to Nick Jr.'s Storytime Live! We bought the tickets so long ago that we were so excited the day finally came!! I couldn't believe there was a stop in Fayetteville, AR for the show, but it just shows how good our theatre is here for them to come. We sat with a bunch of friends and had a great time. Our seats were the best and well worth the money. The best part was that Ana Maria didn't even need a ticket because she sat on my lap :)
She stared in awe during the whole show. Now everytime she watches Nick Jr. and sees one of the shows come on, she always reminds me that we went to see them at the show. It just warms my heart and tells me how much she loved going!

Getting ready for the show to start :)

My sweet girl during intermission!

These next pictures are from Nick Jr.'s website but I wanted to put them on there so we wouldn't forget anything :) Enjoy!


Last week during Speing Break Eduardo had a lot of time to spend with us. One afternoon we met the Womens Head Tennis Coach and his son at JumpZone where the kids (and dads) had so much fun!! Ana Maria and Theo play so good together and are both SO brave and wild! After an hour of jumping and sliding, she could hardly move her little legs to walk and everyone was sweating! I got to stay back this time and take pictures because of my big belly :) Eduardo got his workout for the day!

My sweet husband waiting for her to go down the slide

Theo and Ana Maria having a ball!!

And more balls!

They slid down together on this big slide :)

I couldn't believe she wanted to go by herself down all the slides...I was scared for her!

Getting ready to make the big climb up the slide...

Here they come!!

Eduardo was like another little kid and Ana Maria followed him wherever he went :)

She is so strong climbing up all alone, it is hard even for me!

My sweet baby girl and loving daddy boy!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hokey Pokey

Ana Maria loves to sing the hokey pokey in the car!! Watch her mouth as she sings the "hoookeeey pokey" part!! This is in the car as Eduardo and I were taking her to Sam's. Too cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Eduardo's Birthday Bash

Monday night we celebrated Eduardo's birthday at Gusano's Pizza. It worked out great that it was his birthday and also half off pizza night! We love to go there and the pizza is so good! Eduardo was so happy and surprised that I had put together a little something for his birthday, he deserves it!!

Santiago, Owen and Ana Maria staying busy while waiting for the pizza :)

Joe had to take turns with Angie sitting at the kid table!

The birthday gang minus Angie and I...

Doesn't this cake look so yummy! I do make a really good pineapple upside down cake :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gymnastic Joes

This week we went with the MOMS Club to Gymnastic Joes. It is the same place that we had her birthday party at and she loves it! We all do!! It seems like we have been there so many times lately for other birthday parties and their open play times. She just can't ever get enough and it is such great excercise and fun! We're going again for sure when my mom and brother come in April and I can't wait for them to see her in "gymnastic" action!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Eduardo!

Happy Birthday Eduardo!!
We are so happy you are home with us today so we can celebrate with you! You are a terrific husband and such a loving and fun father!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Momma Road Trip!

Ambre and I decided to take a last minute trip with the kids to Branson, just mommas and kids!! We left Friday morning and came back late Saturday afternoon. We luckily were able to find a hotel that wasn't sold out which included the indoor water park that we knew the kids would love. They did!
Our adventure began though as were driving into Branson, we spotted what we thought was a drunk driver. Ambre was driving so defensively trying to avoid her hitting us or other cars, and I was on the phone with 911. By our prayers and God watching out for our kids in the back of the car, they were able to pull her over and we saw the whole drama of her being arrested and taken off to jail. Since we were the ones that called, we had to stay for the whole scene and even write a statement of what we saw. Of course as Ambre and I are shaking and want to cry from what we just epxerienced, the kids are as loud as they can be singing and playing in the back. It didn't bother them at all to be surrounded by police cars! In the end she was taken to jail and handcuffed because she couldn't pass any of the tests they were giving her. The police told us she couldn't smell anything on her breath so it had to have been something else but something bad. We just prayed she was taken off the road and everyone was safe...

Here is the car and one of the police cars on the scene

They took her right in front of our car to do the tests, we were hoping she would not look at us!

After all that drama, we finally arrived at our hotel and got the kids ready to go to the water park. The kids loved it from the minute they touched the water! There were three kiddie slides perfect for them to go down but of course they had their favorite that we stayed at most of the time. It was also perfect for Addyson (11 months old) because she could stand and walk around in the shallow water. They had a lazy river upstairs that we used a couple of times, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

Ana Maria is so adventurous and she knew there was more to the water park than just that little slide. She wanted to try everything and we did together!!

This water was a little deeper and with a lot more people, she loved it though!

She walked right through the sprinkling water :)

After playing in the water, they all went back to take a nap at the hotel. It was so nice while Ambre and I took our chairs outside and ate salsa and chips!
When they woke up we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took them to The Landing. It was a shopping area with restaurants and a play area for the kids. We stayed until 9:00 but had to get ice cream before we left!!

I love this picture of her going up and him coming down :)

We ate dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. The kids were so well behaved and both ate fish and shrimp, plus lots of french fries!
We sat outside so they could people watch from the balcony :)

Saturday morning we woke up and Ambre went to get us Krispy Kreme! We packed the car and went straight to the water park when they opened. We were happy to have that to go to because the weather was so yucky and it never stopped raining.

Cuddling and watching cartoons! They are best friends!

The gang!!

We had the best time and it was both of our first times doing this with just mommas and kids! Everyone was so well behaved, slept good, ate good and just listened to us! We can't wait to do it again soon! Thank you Brewsters for a great momma road trip!!