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Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Shoot

Ana Maria is a model! (Okay she was just a model for an hour!!)
I got a phone call from a marketing agency looking for toddlers to do a photo shoot for Halloween costume packaging. I thought it was a total scam but it ended up being so awesome and real! My mom went with me which helped a lot but Ana Maria was so cooperative. She was assigned to be there at 1:00 which I thought was going to be terrible because of her not getting a nap. Instead she was so interested in everything around her that she listened to the people so well and ended up being in 5 costumes!
It was a professional shoot with camera people, a makeup artist and hair stylist. Ana Maria didn't get makeup but had her hair brushed, hairsprayed and sprayed with shine!
When we left I asked how I would know if she made the packaging and they said she made all 5 costume packages!! I can contact the agency in November to find out which stores will carry them but they are for 2011 Halloween.
She made money, we had a fun experience and she was such a sweet, cooperative girl. We might be in business!!

I don't know if cameras were allowed but mom and I quickly snapped a couple secretly :)

My sweet girl waiting her turn :) They had TV's everywhere and snacks to keep them entertained during the shoots.

Razorback Baseball

We have been going to lots of Razorback baseball games lately because they are just so much fun! We were able to go to one while my mom and brother were here and they enjoyed it just as much. Ana Maria cheers, watches the ball being hit and thrown and always looks for "Woo!" There is always so much excitement and tons of people because they are ranked #4 in the nation right now...Go Razorbacks!

More art projects :)

Here is another art project that my mom did with Ana Maria while she was visiting, stepping stones for our front yard. They were so fun to make and turned out so pretty! One day we did the molding, and the next day she painted and decorated. Her favorite part was painting!
Ana Maria LOVES to do art projects, especially with grandmom!
*We are going to Florida next week and mom is already talking about all the projects she has ready for her when we come! I love it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gentry Safari Fun

While Mom and Lee were here we wanted to make sure we went to the Gentry Safari. We went last year when mom was here and had so much fun! Lee loved it this year too!
We saw so many animals...there were so many that we were tired and still hadn't seen all of them but had to leave! At first Ana Maria was very afraid inside the petting area but warmed up a little towards the end. She is kinda like her momma who doesn't like to love over all the animals! Grandmom and Lee helped her though and she was better at the end.
What a fun experience for kids to learn about the wilderness so close to us in Arkansas. If it wasn't for this place many of these animals we would never see in real life :)
It was such a fun day that we planned for the MOMS Club to go last week also and had fun all over again!

The petting area before we did the drive thru

Getting ready to drive thru the safari...
The animals came straight up to our car. Sometimes it was scary but always fun to see them so upclose!

They have a baby petting area which is always fun for the kids :)

Some fun videos I took while we were in the car :) Enjoy!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

Almost every Sunday night we attend a community group bible study at my friend Autumn's house. It is always so freshing to talk to everyone, eat yummy food and watch the kids play together. We love to go and hardly ever miss unless we just have to. Her and her family hosted Easter dinner so we were there with all our other special friends :)
Autumn always has something special for all the kids to do. This night they painted flower pots out of yogurt smoothie bottles...

Ana Maria and her friend Caroline hard at work

Mom and I had never seen the "baby" side of Lee. He loved taking care of baby Thomas!

All the kiddos painting :)

Getting ready to let loose for an Easter egg hunt...picture first!

There she goes! I love the paint on the shirt...shows she works hard!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2010!! This Easter was a little different because Eduardo was not home with us. They always have a match on Good Friday and Easter but everyother year they are home and the other year they are away playing. This year he was away at Alabama...where we came from so he was able to see lots of friends and eat at our old favorite restaurants with the team!
We had a busy day, Easter egg hunt, we went to see the Alabama girls that were playing here that day, went to AQ Chicken for lunch (Lee's request), napped, played outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and then went to my friend Autumn's house for dinner. We had a fun and busy day as you can tell!!

Easter egg hunt after church

I thought they were announcing they were ready so I told her she could go...they were not ready so just her and another boy were the only ones out there :)

She only wanted the "baby" eggs. We kept wondering why she was passing up all of the eggs...she knew what she was looking for. Mom and I put some big eggs in her basket and she stopped to pull them all out. It was so funny and so unique that she was doing that!

Eating her chocolate on the way to the tennis courts...
Our next stop was the tennis courts where Alabama was playing Arkansas in womens tennis. We got to see all the girls that Eduardo coached there plus the head coach. They were at the hospital with me when Ana Maria was born and Jenny was the first person to hold her :) What a treat!!

Merritt Emery, one of the Alabama girls

Coach Jenny and Ana Maria :)

Our next stop was yummy AQ Chicken!!

Nap...and then played outside with Uncle Lee

What a fun and special day!!


Mom brought an art activity to do with Ana Maria almost everyday while she was here. She would take her nap and we would tell her when she woke up, we'd have a surprise and we did! She loved everything that mom brought, especially this Mickey Mouse paint set :)

At Caroline's House

Ana Maria was invited to another egg hunt at her friend Caroline's house. Her mom, Bonnie is a very good friend of mine and we were so happy to be invited. My mom and brother came along also! They had all the kids get together for a picture and then sent them off to get eggs. Caroline has a trampoline so Ana Maria was so happy jumping the WHOLE time!

Ana Maria's sweet friend Sara :)

Eating her first piece of candy...I'm not kidding! Until that day, she has never asked for candy :)

We wanted to go to the Farmers Market afterwards but we got there too late and everyone was already packing up to go home. We'll have to to try another Saturday!