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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pancakes with Santa

Mom is always finding fun things for the girls and I to do during the day while she is in school. She found us Pancakes with Santa to go to at the community center. It was wonderful! It actually ended up being pancakes, waffles, sausage, yogurt, cheese and fruit with Santa! There were two crafts for the kids to do, games to play and snow to play in. Every child got to have their picture taken with Santa also.
Ana Maria and Kathryn enjoyed every minute of being there. I always hate having to tell Ana Maria it is time to leave because she always tells me that we haven't been there for long. We were there 3 hours and she still said it!!

Face Painting



Pancakes :)


And afterwards we stopped at Publix, my favorite store to pick up some groceries! This store is amazing, look at the shopping cart! I sure wish they had this at Walmart in NWA!!

Afterschool Fun

We picked my mom up from school and went to this fun nature center that is close to her school. This particular day they were having an after school preschool program for kids. They played a game, learned about nature and certain animals, colored and sang songs. It was a fun time for Ana Maria. Afterwards we met up with Sarah and Chris for dinner :) I love being with my family!

Chris wanted to squeeze in the back between the girls, he's so nice!


We took all the girls one night to Tradition, a master planned community (almost another city) within where we live. They always have beautiful Christmas lights and the girls can run around and look at them. Of course we had to get ice cream also in the downtown!

Living Nativity

My nieces were visiting Eduardo's brother Jose so we invited them to come to a living nativity with us. They are so sweet together and best friends!! I absolutely adore these girls and love to watch them interact and become friends with Ana Maria and Kathryn. I pray one day they are so close just like they are now!

Baby Kathryn was there, she just kept running off if we let her down :)

4th Grade Christmas Party

My mom has a Christmas party every year with her 4th grade class and we always go so Ana Maria can help. This year her job was to pass out the drinks :) She takes this job serious, but this year she was so shy and wouldn't talk to anyone!!
After all the kids had made their plate, it was time for Ana Maria and Kathryn to make theirs. They love chips and cookies!

We love the park!

There are so many parks in Florida around where my parents live. I think it's because the weather is so nice all year round that people get out and use them. We love spending time at the park!

Ana Maria

Ana Maria and Gabriella

Baby Kathryn and Laura Sofia

VIDEO: Kathryn loved riding the lion!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tennis with Tio

The girls love playing tennis, I wonder where they got that from!! Tio Jose invited us to his club one morning so the girls could play on the playground and play tennis with him. Kathryn wanted to play so badly after she saw Ana Maria hitting balls. It was adorable to watch them play together. Maybe they can play doubles together in the future?? :)

It was so funny because Kathryn is scared of Santa Claus, so scared! We found the blowup at Jose's club and Kathryn would not even get close to it. She must have thought it was big and real :)