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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday snow and fun!

We had more than 6" of snow on the ground when we woke up Saturday morning!! It was so beautiful and nothing I had ever seen before. I am a South Florida girl so snow is very foreign to me! It was cold though so Ana Maria and I never went out in it but we did have fun with our friends. Our friends Emily and Anna Catherine had cabin fever and wanted to come over. We said "please!!" They live a couple streets over but you just couldn't walk. No cars had been on our street also so the road was completely covered in snow and ice.
She out Anna Catherine in a laundry basket and pulled up with a belt attached to it. She had her husbands boots on and plastic bags around Anna Catherine's feet so they wouldn't get wet. It was the most clever thing I have ever seen! I was so proud of them for making the hike over! I guess that's what cabin fever will do to you :)
The girls made snow ice cream together and played till their little hearts were hungry for lunch. It was a fun time! Thank you Emily and Anna Catherine for coming to play!

*These pictures are for our Florida family who find this sooo hard to believe :)

Ana Maria waiting so patiently for her friend to come :)

Here she is pulling her in the laundry basket!!

The snow was right put to the door so it was hard to get in...

Bless their hearts!

They loved the snow ice cream Emily made for us :)

I should have taken a picture of Emily and I eating our ice cream too. I told her it tasted like Chick fil a. It was so much better than the one I made the night before!

She was shocked about how much better it tasted also!
After Ana Maria took her nap, our friends Autumn and Sara called to invite us to the mall. I was a little nervous about getting there but wanted to be brave and try it. I was afraid of getting home in the dark though so they offered to come pick us up in their BIG truck. It was so much fun with all three girls in the back seat and Greg, Autumn and I in the front. I would have never made it in my small car without sliding or getting stuck somewhere. You really needed his big truck to get anywhere and we were so thankful they offered to come get us. The girls had so much fun at the mall, playing and eating Chick fil A. We are so blessed to have such special friends like them to do fun things with!

On our way to the mall, we found a snowman in our neighborhood. Eduardo and Ana Maria are going to make one in the morning :)

Sara and Ana Maria playing together on the playground

This is Sara's sister, Maggie

They love each other and play so well together!

They loved holding hands in the stores

And riding on the carousel 5 times!!
Thank you Greg, Autumn, Sara and Maggie for such a fun night!!

Friday night snow!

Friday we were home all day because of the ice storm the night before and schools were closed. It snowed all day Friday also which did not make me want to go outside at all! It was too cold and windy!
Friday night our neighbor Tara told us about snow ice cream so we reached our hands outside the door to collect some snow in our bowl for the ice cream. It wasn't hard to get at all because we had about 6'' sitting right outside our kitchen door.
Ana Maria loved it and it was a lot of fun making it with her. It didn't taste very good to me but she loved it. I think I needed more sugar and vanilla but was trying to be too healthy and not put a lot in. It was new and fun for us though!

Getting all the ingredients ready...

Here she is mixing it all together :)

And now trying!

This is the spot we scooped the snow from to make the snow ice cream

Her little table outside looked like it had a huge cake on it. The icesicles are from the night before too.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow, snow, snow!!

Today we are trapped inside because of a major snow storm. I have never experienced this before so it is so beautiful but so hard to stay inside all day! I guess we could adventure outside but that requires getting dressed and I have not done that yet today :) Neither has Ana Maria!
They predicted last night that today we would get 4-6'' and I wonder if we've gotten that yet or even more. It hasn't stopped snowing hard all day long and everything is convered white.
Last night during the beginning of the ice storm, our sweet friends and neighbors (Tara, Hunter and Norah) came over to play. We may have to get outside in the snow soon to go to their house and play! We have been inside too long by ourselves!!

We played fishing game all morning after we remodeled her room :)

She loves this game and demands we play it everytime she sees it in the closet. Sometimes I have to hide it!

These are from my kindergarten class when I taught and I saved them to hang in my babies room one day :) They look so sweet!

Here is the Animal Alphabet poster I hung above her bed. She loves it!

The color bears are so cute in her room because she walks down the line saying all the color names. I didn't want to make her room a little school, I just wanted color on the walls and for her to be excited. It worked!

Here is fishing game again, round #2!

We did a photo shoot this morning also for her Valentines don't know which one we chose!

Now, here are the snow pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

MOMS Lunch at Ricks Bakery

Last Friday we ate lunch at Ricks Bakery with the MOMS Club. I always say everything was so much fun because it is...this was fun too!! It is such a special group of ladies and kids that we get together with so often. It is always a good time filled with conversations about the kids, laughter and what is new with everyone in their lives.
The best part about having lunch at Ricks Bakery (which we didn't know about before we went) was that Friday is pie day! You get a free piece of pie with every lunch purchased. Even Ana Maria got a slice of pie...we took hers home to papa!

My sweet friend Tamara's family eating these beautifully decorated cookies. They looked too perfect to eat!

Ana Maria was interested in taking out all the napkins from the least she wasn't running out the door!

This is just half of who was there...I snapped this picture at the end when we were all cleaning up!