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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tennis with Friends

Owen and Addyson came to play tennis with Ana Maria and Eduardo this week! It was so cute to watch good friends play together and a great daddy be their coach! Kathryn is 9 months old and just crawled everywhere with me, her poor knees!!

Natalia's Farewell

Natalia is leaving NWA :( I am so sad she won't be here to hang out with and Santiago won't be playing with Ana Maria but I am so happy for her! We celebrated our friendship with her at Olive Garden to say goodbye. Again, I love being with all my friends in the same place! You will be missed Natalia!

Valerie's Baby Shower

Amy and I hosted a fun baby shower for Valerie at Theo's. It was so beautiful to sit outside on their patio even though we all sweated way too much! I love it when all my friends are in one place at the same time!!

Summer Camp at School

I was in charge of these sweet kids at school for summer camp. I loved being with Kathryn in her class!!

Princess Camp

Ana Maria attended Princess Camp at the Art of Motion one morning and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a drop off and pick up camp so while she was there, Eduardo and I ran some errands with Kathryn. We were told to come back a little early so we could watch the dance routine that they would learn. It was priceless!! She came home so excited with a crown and wand she had made. We can't wait for the next one!


Jasons Deli Ice Cream

We love eating at Jason's Deli and everyone loves getting the ice cream at the end, even Miss. Kathryn who is only 9 months old!!

Friday fun

What's better than hanging out with good friends on a Friday night?? Nothing that I can think of!! Stephanie and her husband Kevin, invited us over to eat and play in the pool. The kids have fun and then adults have even more fun!!

Delaney's Birthday

Delaney's birthday party was so cute! It was at a pony farm where all the kids had a chance to ride ponies. Ana Maria had been looking forward to this party for a long time, she loves ponies and she loves Delaney!!