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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 hurts!!

Well it seems like for a week now Ana Maria has been teething, and has been so unhappy. She is not usually like this at all, so we know something is bothering her. The one thing that always makes her happy though are papa's tennis racquets. Do you think we have a future tennis player in the family or what?? She loves to hold it and swing it around! Here she is demonstrating...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is Dara Torres with Lee and Sarah at the hospital last week. Lee started is 6th week of chemo today and he is doing so well. We are so proud of him!! Keep it up Lee...the finish line is in sight. Lee has just a short time left until he is finished. We love you Lee!!
Dara is one of the oldest athletes still competing in the Olympics. She won silver in Beijing. She was raising money for Joe Dimaggio by speaking at Memorial Hospital. She didn't get to come to everyones room but all the nurses made sure she came to Lee's because they knew Lee is very inspirational. She talked to them for a while about herself and asked them questions. They said was very friendly and that she works out 5 times a week so you can imagine her body! All muscles!
Lee told me that he even got to hold the silver medal, how special...for such a special person!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race for the Cure

Eduardo, Ana Maria and I participated in the Race for the Cure in Rogers on Saturday. It was unbelievable!! To see so many people there for such an amazing cause, brought tears to my eyes. We were running in honor of Eduardo's mother and it was amazing to feel the emotions of the day.
Eduardo ran the "elite 5K" run in 23.17 and Ana Maria and I ran/walk the 5k with Coach Cox's wife, Meredith. After the race, we stayed and walked around to see the many vendors for free stuff and food. We saw many friends and Ana Maria even ran a Kids Dash (which is the video). It was a very fun day!

Eduardo getting ready for the start...

Ana Maria wanting out to see all the dogs!

Meredith (Coach's wife) helping Ana Maria pet the doves that they released at the start

Meredith and Ana Maria

We started in the very back of the long line....over 15,000 people!

Ana Maria bored eating her shoe on the run

She finished!! (They gave her a number which was so cute)

Our friends showing off their medals to Ana Maria

My good friend Patricia and I at the end "shopping" for stuff!

Ana Maria got a medal too for running the Kids Dash :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Farm Friends

Thursday night the University of Arkansas had a farm exhibit for the kids. It was open to school groups throughout the day and the public at night. We went and met our friends Brad, Ambre, Owen and Addyson there. It was SO much fun!! Ambre's parents were also there visiting her from Canada (Ambre just had baby Addyson a week ago)!!
Ana Maria couldn't get enough of all of the animals. She ran from one animal to the next and was so excited the whole time! When we left, her and Owen had a tough time leaving but we said "PIZZA" and they were ready! We left Farm Friends and walked from Ambre's house to get pizza. It was a fun afternoon and night!!

Owen and Ana Maria trying out their new double stroller...ready to get pizza!

Ambre, Owen, Ana Maria and I at the horse

So many animals to touch...

Owen and Ana Maria on the saddle..giddy up!!

Ana Maria milking her first cow :)

So excited to see the baby goats!

Ana Maria and Owen with the baby cows, her pointing to something else she sees!

I just couldn't pick which one was the best, I posted them all for you to see!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Her loves her...he loves her not!

Ana Maria and Santiago are together every morning at the athletic club and a lot of afternoons at playgroups. They know echother very well and when I say we are going to see Santiago, she gets a big smile on her face! I hope they will be friends forever!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Alabama Tennis Team Visits

This afternoon Ana Maria and I got to spend time with the womens tennis team from Alabama! Arkansas is hosting the womens SEC tournament so they were here for a couple of days. It was really exciting to see Jenny and the girls, after not seeing them for almost a year. When we left Alabama, Ana Maria was only 4 months old and so tiny. I can remember like yesterday, Jenny holding Ana Maria for the first time in the hospital when she was born (Eduardo reminded me today also that Jenny was also the first person to hold her)! I also remember being surrounded in our little hospital room by all the girls from the team...what great memories!!
Now...almost a year later Ana Maria was walking to them and pretending to be a shy girl. She is growing so fast!
Ana Maria showing the girls from Alabama that "Arkansas" is her new home. She likes to rule the tennis courts and even stole Alice's racquet and started to run away!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Talk, talk, talk!!

Ana Maria can talk, talk, talk! We are not understanding anything she is saying, but she is trying. So far, the only thing we can understand that she is saying is, mama, and agua. We'll see what is next. Here is a cute video from lunch today of her having fun with a conversation and being silly!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cleaning Day

Yesterday was the first day that Eduardo has had totally off in a really long time. So...we cleaned and cleaned. We cleaned through the garage, got tons of stuff ready for the MOMS club garage sale and bought a couple of organizers for the house. It was a very productive day, with even Ana Maria trying to help!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grandmom's Visit!

My mom was visiting us for her spring break for the week and left today. We are very sad but had a great time together! We were busy every minute!! Here are some pictures from the week. We were all spoiled by her being here, especially Ana Maria with all the new things she learned. We miss you mom but know we will see you soon!!

Pointing to the beautiful tulips in the Botanical Gardens

A fun day at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville

A sunny afternoon at Wilson Park

Trying to be brave to pet the bunnies at the Gentry Safari :)

Admiring all the monkeys at the Safari

Grandmom and Ana Maria inside the ball pit at Fun City



Welcome to our family blog! I am so excited to finally get a "blog". So many of our friends have one and I always am admiring theirs. I decided today would be the day to make one! It hasn't been easy...I have many questions about it!! I am going to try though and I hope this blog will be a fun way for you to follow our family. I am taking pictures everyday at things we go to, now I can share them fast. Keep in touch with us, check us out often on the blog and hopefully this will be an everyday activity for both you and us!!