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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Day!

I can't believe that it is 5 days later and I am just posting about Christmas. That just shows you how much fun we are having and how much time I am not spending on the computer but doing other things with my family...I love it!
Christmas day we spent at my house, besides going to Eduardo's brother's house that night.
She woke up and right away we made a big deal about Santa Claus. She ran to wake up my parents, my brother and my sister (Chris had also stayed with us that night to be here). They all woke up with her dragging them out of bed and we went straight to find our stockings. Ana Maria loved that she had a stocking with fun stuff inside. We all did!
We gathered around the living room and she was the first to open. Ana Maria passed out presents to everyone and we go around in a circle so we can see what each person got. Sometimes Ana Maria couldn't wait her turn though and we would see her opening!
We were all so surprised by many things. That's always how my mom and dad are! It was a very fun morning especially for Ana Maria. My parents and brother and sister, always make everything so special for Ana Maria and I love that!

Ana Maria found her stocking...the biggest one!

She was showing dad her stocking :)

This is her waking up Lee with her stocking that she found!

She had lots of fun card games in her stocking that we have enjoyed playing.

These were princess brown lunch bags that mom found for her :)

The opening begins!!

This must have been Chris's turn to open, Sarah's boyfriend.

Chris gave Chris this purse with a bag inside but she refused to let Sarah open it. She thought most things were for her!

She loved this Dora dancing wand that Chris gave her :)

These were awesome beads that mom and dad gave her that she can string together.
She got lots of new books!

Ana Maria gave my dad a coffee mug with pictures of her on it, but she wanted to have it!

Mom got her the Disney Princess lunchbox and Sarah got her the backpack that we are going to get monogrammed :)

These are my new slippers that she calls "boots!"

She got the whole Disney Princess collection of shoes and crowns. She loved them!

Here is a crown for my princess!
After opening presents with my family, we had a nice breakfast and got everything ready for the afternoon when all my extended family from my moms side was coming over to eat. Ana Maria took her nap and everyone came at 3:00. It was fun being with my aunt and uncle who I like very much and all my cousins. Chris's mom even came which was nice and Nicole's boyfriend, Shannon. We ate a delicious meal, opened more presents and played games!

Ana Maria showing off her Princess shoes to everyone :)

Uncle John and Eduardo enjoying the South Florida Christmas by the pool :)

This is my cousin Nicole, her boyfriend Shannon and my Aunt Leslie.

Shelby and Nicole are sweet sister :)

Everyone was listening to Shelby read the Christmas Story before we ate.
My brother Lee is in the background with my cousin AJ. His fiancee Kerri is in the pink dress. They are getting married in May!

Nicole loves Ana Maria!

Shelby reading the Christmas Story

Our delicious food!!
Aunt Leslie and Ana Maria :)

They loved playing with eachother!

I love how every picture she has a different Princess shoe on. She is also showing off her whistle skills to Eduardo.

I finally got a picture of us!

She was in charge of passing out the gifts and did such a good job!

Going back for more...Shelby read the name and she passed it out!

She is always the center of attention!!

She even wanted to help Uncle John open is presents :)
Christmas was so much fun and so memorable! Thank you to everyone for all of your generous gifts. There was no way I could get a picture of everything, but I wanted to. Our next goal is to try and pack everything tight so it can all go with us to Arkansas!

Christmas Eve

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at Eduardo's brother's house that lives in Port St. Lucie near my parents. It worked out really well for us, so we didn't have to travel to Miami and we could also spend the night at my parents house for Ana Maria to wake up there with Santa Claus on Christmas morning. It was alot of fun celebrating with everyone, Eduardo's two brothers (Jose & Mario), my two sister in laws (Laura & Adriana) and the girls (Laura Sofia, Daniela and Gabriela).
We ate, let Ana Maria open her presents, took her home to sleep at my parents house, and then went back to open up our presents at midnight. The tradition with Eduardo's family is to wait until 12 to open presents and read the Christmas story. That was just too late for Ana Maria!
She got so many cute toys from Eduardo's family that she loves. Her favorite part was just opening and she kept saying, "more, more!"
I want her to always so thankful and appreciative though!

Playing around with her Tio Jose!

Eduardo giving us the thumbs up that it's time to eat!

Laura Sofia posing in front of all the yummy food :) My pies were at the end that my mom made for me to bring!

Ana Maria and Daniela put on a show for us. I can't remember why she didn't have pants on in any pictures!

Opening her first present from Tio Mario and Tia Laura...she was so serious!

But loved it!! It was a hand mixer that spins for her kitchen with other kitchen toys in it.

She wanted to play with it right away.

These were cute Princess pajamas from Tio Jose and Tia Adriana

Look at her face opening the barn from Tio Jose and Tia Adriana. She loved it!

Thank you!

Daniela and Ana Maria reading the Christmas story to us.

This was the best cousin picture we could get!

And another but Gabriela must have walked away :)

This was after she opened her presents...not quite sure what just happened!

Our Gingerbread House

My mom bought a gingerbread house for us to make with Ana Maria while we were here, and we thought it would be fun to invite all her cousins over to help us. My nieces, Laura Sofia and Daniela have been around my family so much and really like them. Shelby is always with us and is my cousin!
They girls had so much fun together making the gingerbread house together. After we were done, we let them do the craft we had done at the hospital the day before and gave them coloring books. It was a gingerbread afternoon!