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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tulsa, OK

Eduardo was invited to play in a Pro-Am for the weekend in Tulsa so we all went along! It was a really fun weekend full of great tennis, delicious food, babysitters and drinks! From the moment we walked into the club they treated us like kings and queens! They were so happy and proud that Eduardo was there playing in their club. Ana Maria was allowed to be in the "Kidz Klub" all weekend where she had so much fun and I kept Kathryn with me so I could watch all the matches.
They had an auction the first night where members put money on the teams they were playing. Even though Eduardo's team raised the least amount of money, they came in 3rd place overall which was great! We hope we're invited back next year because it was so much fun!

Our first night during the auction.

The Razorbacks were playing Saturday so both girls were dressed as cheerleaders all day!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Tulsa mall

Bradwin and Eduardo...a former Razorback player and another Pro in the tournament

Personal cameras weren't allowed so Bradwin snapped some of us behind the bushes! haha

She LOVED playing with Bradwin. He became part of our family for the weekend.

Eduardo's partnert brought Ana Maria chocolate chip cookies Sunday morning...

Ken (Eduardo's partner), Camillo (Eduardo's good friend and another Pro at the club) and Eduardo
They had ball kids!
Ken and Eduardo receiving their award

My pretty girl at Panera Bread before we left to go back to Fayetteville :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Old" friends...

We were so excited to finally get together with our "old" friends Autumn, Sara and Maggie. It had been forever since we had seen eachother and we finally set the date and did it! Since we both have two girls (she has another one on the way!) it is a lot of fun and we have a lot in common to talk about. We took the girls to the park in our neighborhood. Come again soon Autumn!!

Lots of fun!

Her favorite thing to do is crafts and she is good at it too!!


Kathryn Cristina was baptized on November 6th at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Fayetteville. It was a beautiful ceremony! Her godparents, my brother Lee and Eduardo's sister, Maria Cristina, both could not be there so our friends Andres and Natalia came. My good friend Angela came also which was nice to help take pictures!
Kathryn wore the same gown that Ana Maria wore, I wore, and all my siblings and cousins wore. It has been around the family for 28 years!! How special!