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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marshmallow Roast

Angela hosted a marshmallow roast at her house to try out her new fire pit. Ana Maria and Kathryn love marshmallows!! It was a gorgeous morning to be outside in their fun backyard. Of course our morning playdates always turn into lunch playdates also. Some of us stayed way later than planned and ended up running to get pizzas for everyone to eat lunch and play more :) I'm so lucky to be a stay at home mom with my girls!!

Jackson's 4th Birthday

Jackson's 4th birthday party was so much fun for the girls! We went to his house for his family party because we couldn't go to his other birthday party due to my parents being in town. He has such a loving and fun family that is enjoyable to be around. Marcy also does such a good job hosting! It was a superhero themed party :) Marcy gave me the girls masks for them to wear when they rang the doorbell so Jackson had to guess who they were!
Everyone ate pizza, opened presents, ate cake and then had a pj party upstairs watching a movie and eating popcorn and candy!

Fayetteville Christmas Parade

Here we are at the Fayetteville Christmas parade for our third year! The city turns the lights on downtown and hosts a small parade which is always usually packed. This year luckily we found a great spot to watch the parade with not so many people around. Having the kids stay in the double stroller helps also :) After the parade we walked around to see the lights and saw lots of friends that we knew. We'll go back when my parents come next week for Thanksgiving!

MOMS Club Thanksgiving Feast

I arranged for the MOMS Club to have an amazing Thanksgiving feast for the kids. Each mom signed up to bring a dish and I had two crafts for the children to do before and after they ate. It turned out so nice with over 20 moms there and their kids :)
Ana Maria was in charge of helping everyone with their craft since we had practiced that morning with hers. All the moms said she was so helpful and sweet. I love when she is a leader!

13 kids and 6 moms in Branson!

Are we crazy or fun?? I say fun!! 6 moms and I took our kids (13 total) to Silver Dollar City. We left Fayetteville in the morning, checked into the house we rented for the night, ate lunch and headed to Silver Dollar City. The kids were so excited!! We rode all the rides they were allowed to ride, watched the Christmas shows, ate dinner and saw the parade. Three moms left at 6:00 with their kids to go back to the house and then 2 other moms and I stayed until almost 8:30 to do more!
It was fun and very enjoyable!! We kept saying we should have stayed two nights because of all the prep work it took to get us there!
The girls and I are very fortunate to have the awesome and fun friends that we have!! I hope more friends will join us next time we go :)