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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Touch a Truck

This was the first year we attended Touch a Truck in Rogers put on by the Junior League of NWA and I was so bummed we had never been before. It was incredible for the kids, even me!! I was shocked on how many trucks and cars they had for the kids to sit in and even the ice cream truck was there giving away free ice cream!! All the horns worked inside the vehicles so Ana Maria really thought that was cool. It was a fun morning with my girls!

Stretch & Grow

Stretch and Grow is a great new excercise class for kids in Fayetteville and the MOMS Club has been going every Friday so we decided to try it out. Ana Maria really enjoyed it and all the kids were tired afterwards, isn't that always what we want?! The teacher really engaged them in excercises for their level and even talked to them in the end about a lesson on taking care of your eyes. We will be back!

MS Walk

This year, the girls and I particapted in the MS Walk at Lake Fayetteville, helping support my friends husband who has MS. It was a great morning with friends although it was freezing cold!! We walked around the lake bundled up and couldn't wait to get back in the warm car at the end. Later that afternoon, her and her husband hosted a fun party for everyone that participated. We love supporting great organizations like this and getting excerise with friends on a Saturday morning!

We were Team Bacon- Because A Cure is Our Need!!

Of course, we have to stop and take pictures!!

Farmington Egg Hunt

Ana Maria loved the egg hunt in Farmington this year! I almost didn't take her because we had a big day planned already but I am so glad I did. She loved getting her face painted like a bunny rabbit, ate a hot dog, played carnival games and hunted a lot of eggs! This is her third Easter, wow!!!


The MOMS Club had the awesome privilege of touring the KNWA News Station and we were there!! Eduardo and I watch this news faithfully every night at 10 so I was excited to see who the real people were behind the camera. They were the nicest people ever!! Of course, we had so many kids there and all moms, and they were so helpful and friendly. They never let one of our kids crying upset them or even make them flinch while they were on camera. They made us all feel so welcome to be there and were even taking pictures of the kids with their own cameras!! It was a fun afternoon and the kids appeared on the 5 o'clock news with the weatherman, Dan Skoff. A huge thanks to KNWA for allowing us to come!!

Even baby Kathryn was a star that day on TV!!

Kathryn's first for a lot of things!

Last week, Kathryn epxerienced her:
1. First ponytail!!
2. First tooth coming in
3. First fall off the bed which resulted in a bloody nose and bump above her eye.

Oh my!! Through it all, she is still a good baby and still so happy!! We didn't know about the tooth at all until I felt it while giving her a bath last week. Her ponytail is adorable and is much needed to keep her LONG hair out of her eyes, haha! The bloody nose was our fault because we left her on the bed unsupervised...poor baby!
I mean it though when I say she is a happy baby through it all! :)

She is SOOOO cute!! I could just eat her up!!