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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eating cereal

Ana Maria's new favorite food in the morning is cereal. She is such a big girl and can eat it all by herself with little mess. Eduardo and I eat it every morning but I would usually give her something different, like a pancake and yogurt or a waffle. Yesterday she asked for cereal though and I was so excited to give it to her! Our baby girl is growing so fast before our eyes!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun at the park

Owen invited Ana Maria to his grandmothers birthday party at the park in Tontitown on Sunday. It was a beautiful afternoon so Owen and Ana Maria played good together and had a great time!
*On the way there, we drove by the Duggar's house and even drive by again on our way home. I am so nosey sometimes!!
*Thank you Ambre for letting me take these pictures from your blog...I hate it when I forget my camera!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Our hike with Vicki

After our wonderful morning at the Farmers Market and brunch, we took naps, then went to Devil's Den State Park for an afternoon of hiking. Vicki and I are so alike, in that we love to excercise and do anything outdoors. It was the perfect day to do anything outside, so why not hike!
We borrowed this hiking backpack for Ana Maria from Ambre and off we went. She did so well and never complained about being in there. Every once in a while I would ask her to play with my ear, or touch my hair to make me feel better after carrying 30 lbs. on my back! It is worth it though after hearing her during the hike point out the trees and rocks. She is so observant and enjoyed every minute of it.
When we finsihed hiking, we went to the visitors center so she could throw rocks in the creek near the dam. It was a great day! Thank you for visiting us Vicki!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vicki's Visit!!

My good friend Vicki from Tuscaloosa came to visit us for the weekend. Unfortunatly Eduardo was not home to spend the weekend with her also but Ana Maria and I had a blast!
She arrived Thursday night and Friday morning we got started on the fun! We brought back some old memories by playing tennis Friday morning. It was such a beautiful weekend to do anything outdoors! We drove around campus, ate breakfast at Ricks Bakery and ate a delicious lunch. That afternoon we took Ana Maria to the park in the neighborhood and then got ready to hit the town for Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Vicki and I had a nice dinner at Emelia's Kitchen in downtown and then walked around a little bit to see all the bikers. Honestly, they were a little too much for Vicki and I and we just headed home.
(Just jotting this down for memories)
Vicki brought her dog, Jim, with her. Ana Maria was hot and cold about him being here, especially in our house and in my car. He was such a good dog though and loved Ana Maria throwing the tennis ball to him.
Vicki gave us our first digital camera two years ago when we found out I was pregnant. It was an early baby shower present so we could capture all the stages of my belly! We took that camera with us everywhere for two years and last weekend I dropped it and it broke. It was so hard for me to tell Vicki that this weekend but she was proud I had it for as long as I did. Luckily, Eduardo was just given a really nice camera from one of his players and so this is the new camera I am using. I think it takes really good pictures but I still miss my old "Vicki" camera...

This was the view of Bikes, Blues and BBQ when we parked the car to go to dinner. It brought over 450,000 people to Fayetteville this weekend....mostly all motorcyles!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to the Fayetteville Farmers Market. If you haven't been it is an exciting place! So many farmers, so many vegetables, flowers, fruits, and plants. So many of everything! We brought Jim with us but he didn't last too long until he kept getting too excited and we had to put him in the car to wait. Vicki wanted to shop and she did! She bought three different bundles of flowers, a Razorback knick-knack and lots of vegetables to use this week to cook with. Vicki loved it and I knew she would!

These were the Razorbacks made out of peach pits.
This is the first week that we saw pumpkins! It's really beginning to look like Fall!

We finished off our morning by walking to the library to get some books on CD for Vicki to take back in the car with her. We were so hungry after all this walking, we walked even more to Dickson Street for a great brunch at Common Grounds. We all loved what we ordered, especially the Bloody Mary's!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to eat a mango...

Ana Maria has found a new fruit that she LOVES....Mango! She was at Owen's house one night last week and ate a whole one. Then the babysitter was at our house last Friday night and she ate another whole one. This girl loves mango and will eat a whole one in a minute! Luckily, Sam's sells them 5 for $5.00 and we are going there a lot to buy them before winter comes and we can't get our good fresh fruit anymore. You should try them too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Football Game!

Saturday afternoon the Razorbacks played Georgia at 6:45pm for the 1st home football game of the year! We were there cheering on the hogs with our friends Ambre, Sara, Owen and Addyson! I was by myself until we got to our seats because Eduardo had recruits and their families to be with on the field before the game started.
Ambre and I met so we could park together and walk to the stadium to try and tailgate some. We got there too late but walked around a little bit before Ana Maria and I headed into the stadium amongest all the other 90,000 Razorback fans! Luckily I took the umbrella stroller and didn't really care if it was outside or not when it was time to leave...luckily it was though!
Eduardo met Ana Maria and I at our seats for the start and we stayed until halftime. Ana Maria loved it from the moment we handed the man our tickets. She held my hand so well walking up the stairs to find our seats and cheered on the Hogs the whole time. As you can see in the pictures, she waved her hands and pointed the whole game. We can't wait to take her to the next game on October 10th against Auburn!