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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tennis, Soccer and Lunch

The second day in Duitama we spent the whole day outside playing tennis, soccer and eating!! So many friends and family came to see us there and we celebrated Alex's daughters birthday.

These are children of Eduardo's cousins and close friends.

Eduardo's dad (Abuelo) and Kathryn

Cabin in Duitama

We stayed at another unbelievable cabin in Duitama. The view was amazing and it was very close to the tennis club. It was truly relaxing to stay there and look at that view!!

Food & Friends

Eduardo has two best friends that still live in Duitama. We always try to see them as often as we can when we are there. They are two very special guys to us and the two of them are cousins. We spent all day at the courts with Freddy and Alex and then their families joined us that night for dinner.

When we were walking out of the restaurant, there was a taxi and bus parade to celebrate a holiday for the Virgin Mary. Really funny to watch!

The kids were so cute eating at their "kid" table

Tennis in Duitama

After spending a fun couple of days in Villa de Levya, we went to Duitama for another 3 days. Eduardo's dad and nephew came with us while his sister took a bus back to Bogota to work. Duitama is the city that Eduardo grew up in and his two best friends still live there. It is always exciting for us to see his old house, his best friends, visit old favorite places but this time it was even more of a special visit....his dad built a tennis club on land that he still owns there. We had heard about these courts for 2 years and had not been. It was exciting for Ana Maria to play on the courts, even I played a lot of tennis there!
Eduardo taught a lot of mini clinics for the kids and helped teach the pros a little. It is an amazing place that his dad always dreamed of having. We are fortunate we got to visit and spend a lot of time there.
Eduardo and I imagine us spending a lot of summers there when Ana Maria and Kathryn get older, speaking Spanish with friends and playing tennis all day...what could be better!!

There were a lot of horses and cows around the courts

These are pictures of Eduardo's old house. It was in the contract when they sold it that he could always go back and visit! :)

*The tennis courts are on the land in front of the house which his dad still owns.