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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kathryn's Surprise Party

For Kathryn's one month old birthday, Eduardo came home and surprised us all! He called and told me he had a surprise but I had no idea what it could be. After dinner he pulled out a cake, birthday hats and ice cream to celebrate. We were so excited and surprised!! He is so thoughtful and loves his girls so much :) I'm so happy he has two baby girls to spoil and have fun with for the rest of his life! This is all just the beginning!

Of course she was asleep through the whole thing...I ate her share of cake!

One month old!!
VIDEO: Big sister singing Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Ana Maria loves to entertain baby Kathryn! This morning before she got ready for school, she was drawing her pictures and showing them to her. It was so fun to watch them together!

I love her hair and her smile :)

Look at the house she can draw!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Day

Fayetteville hosted the big Arkansas vs Alabama football game Saturday and we were there!! That morning we went to the Farmers Market and then drove around campus seeing all the tailgaters. It took us 45 minutes to get home from there which usually would take 10! There were so many people on campus it was really fun to watch! We rushed home and ate lunch because we had a babysitter coming to watch the girls while Eduardo and I went to the game. Can you believe we got a babysitter? :) We knew Kathryn would be great (just sleep) and Ana Maria would be a big helper. We were gone from 1:30-6:30 but both the girls did great and so did the babysitter!! Even though Arkansas lost it was still fun being there and it was an exciting game. Plus I was on a date with the man I love!!

Chris Allen was there and led everyone in calling the hogs!
VIDEO: The army parachuted the game ball into the stadium. It was amazing to watch!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ozark Corn Maze

Sunday afternoon we finally visited the corn maze that everyone has been talking about. It was so cute and fun for Ana Maria. I think she remembers when we went to one last fall but that one was much bigger. This one had the maze, a cow train, a petting area, a hayride to the pumpkin patch and a hay jump. Kathryn just slept the whole time! I love it when we are able to do something on the weekends as a family :) We're always glad when Eduardo can be with us!

Our first pumpkin this fall :)

I rode the hayride with Ana Maria while Eduardo stayed with Kathryn

Ana Maria at the pumpkin patch deciding which way to walk to get her pumpkin...

She found a little one!

My big girl!!

Eduardo rode the cow train with her...I hear it was bumpy!

His legs were cramped!!

Ana Maria got to feed the calf a sweet!

The goats kept wanting to attack the stroller. We were worried about Kathryn so we got out of there fast!

Eduardo trying to get her to jump off the hay stack. She finally did it and fell right on her face, poor baby!

She climbed all the way up by herself but couldn't come down, haha!

One Month Old!

Today Kathryn is one month old!! I can't believe 4 weeks has flown by so fast! The weeks seem to get faster and faster, especially after having Kathryn and being so busy with Ana Maria.
She is still sleeping most of the day but we are starting to see her awake more and more. She eats about every 4 hours and is sleeping fairly well at night. It could always be better but we are just so thankful for our happy and healthy baby girl!
Ana Maria continues to be such a big helper and big sister! I look forward to seeing their sister relationship grow!

Monday, September 20, 2010


We went to our first volleyball game of the season Friday night and had so much fun! Our family loves to go to the games! They are filled with the cheerleaders, mascots, players and energy! We were a little hesitant and nervous to bring Kathryn but we decided we would all go as a family and just sit up at the top where no one was. We had a fun time and can't wait to go back again!

I asked Ana Maria to take a picture with Kathryn before we went inside and she sat down on the pavement!

She is wearing her 1st Razorback outfit!!

This is a picture I took of a huge picture that covers a wall as you walk into the arena. We are on it with my brother Lee!!

The university took it last year and used it this year for their wall!!

I love these three!!


Our park

We love that there is a park in our neighborhood that we can walk to almost everyday. We love to invite our friends to come with us also! One afternoon last week we invited friends and spent the afternoon playing. Ana Maria rode her bike there and back while I pushed Kathryn in our new jogging stroller :)

Ana Maria and her sweet friend Cora :)
VIDEO: She is a champ at riding her bike!

Cinderella art

Ana Maria loves anything princess so when I found this art kit at Walmart I knew she would love it. You ball up the little squares of paper and glue them on the princess. We only did Cinderella this morning and saved the rest for a later date. One princess wears me out enough! She loved it though and was so proud to put it in her room. I love it when she is proud and happy!!

Holding Head Up

Tonight Kathryn held her head up for long periods of time while Eduardo was holding her on the bed. I think she wanted to be a part of his conversation on the phone :) I couldn't stop watching her I was so excited!

Three weeks old

Kathryn is three weeks old! We went to Wilson Park to celebrate with the MOMS Club in the afternoon :) Ana Maria loves Wilson Park!