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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fancy shoes

Look at these fancy shoes we found while we were in Branson with the MOMS Club!! Ana Maria wanted to wear them today so I let her wear them to the gym. As soon as she put them on she said "Momma, now I have shoes like you!" I have a feeling, she won't want to take them off all summer...that's okay!!


Ana Maria went to a Batman themed birthday last weekend (Christian's party) and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She had never seen or heard of Batman before but after the party, she loved it! Everything was batman, even the awesome looking cake. Have I mentioned that we love going to birthday parties?? As the parent, I love seeing how creative all my other mom friends are!!

St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patricks Day! Ana Maria and Kathryn both wore green to school that day and we made a green eggs and green milk!! Ana Maria thought it was hilarious and loved it!

Sitting Up

Look who is sitting up now at 6 months old, Kathryn!! She has always been a happy baby, but she is even happier now that she can play sitting up and see everyone without laying down. She is scooting everywhere also and can sit up and then go to a scooting position. She is everywhere and so much fun!

I love these two!!

These two are the best!! I LOVE THEM!!

The Little Gym

We went to The Little Gym for the first time last week for Isabella's birthday party. It was a blast! The kids enjoyed themselves so much and it was so well organized. Kathryn scooted around the whole time and Ana Maria thought she was in the olympics! We love going to birthday parties!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gully Park

Look at all the mommas!! We each have at least two kids, so it was a lot at the park that day! LOTS of FUN!! This is the group that we get together with regularly and enjoy being with so much :)

The babies in the group :)

A Pony Party

It was a beautiful day to celebrate our friend Ian's birthday at the pony farm. Ana Maria and all her friends were there and had a blast together. I always have fun seeing my friends too at birthday parties! Ana Maria LOVES ponies and would ride all day if she was allowed. She is good though about sharing and will ride, get off and immediantly get back in line again :)

My good friend Angela and I with our babies :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

1st Soccer Game


T is for Teddy Bear

Ana Maria's class was learning about the letter "T" so they had a Teddy Bear Tea Party. She was so excited to bring her teddy bear to school to show everyone and I even caught her giving her teddy bear a cookie :) It was adorable to watch and such a good idea! Neither of us will forget this for a long time!



Her precious class and two awesome teachers!!


I think we have two little readers on our hands...they both love to have a book in their hand! Ana Maria has always loved books and I think Kathryn is going to follow in her footsteps. At 7 months old, all she wants to do is put it in her mouth but she likes to look at the pictures. That's the start!


Kathryn is the cutest, little, messiest eater around!!

Candy Necklaces

Ana Maria got a candy necklace kit for Christmas and we thought it would be perfect if we invited the MOMS Club over to help make them with us! All the kids loved it and the weather was so nice we played outside the whole time!!

Momma & Kid Trip to Branson we come!! 5 moms and 7 kids spent one night together and two days in Branson and we had a blast!! Of course, we were dead tired when we got home but it was so much fun and we created so many fun memories together! We left Fayetteville early Friday morning, ate a quick lunch in the hotel room and then headed down to the indoor waterpark at the hotel we were staying at. The kids wore their life jackets the whole time so we really didn't have to worry too much about them. Plus we were the only ones in the waterpark that day so the life guards really had a good watch on them. After swimming, and no one taking a nap, we got dressed and went to The Landing to walk around and have dinner. We ate at Joes Crab Shack and then had ice cream at Orange Mango!! We wanted to walk around more but it was raining so we went back to the room for a slumber party. The two rooms we had were together so we kept the kids in one room with the TV and the mommas partied in the other room :) haha! The next morning, we let the kids swim again, had lunch at Panera and then hit the outlet malls for some good deals. It was a great trip, and the kids were so well-behaved!! I can't to do it again soon!!

VIDEO: Swimming in the lazy river