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Thursday, February 16, 2012

One more time at Disney!!

This trip to Disney was very last minute and very fun!! Eduardo's sister in law and kids were visiting in Florida from Argentina and had never been to Disney. They wanted to go so badly but we wanted them to go with us since we knew so much and so Eduardo and Ramiro could ride the big rides together and Patricia and I could take the girls to the little rides and shows.
It worked out perfect! We drove to Disney that morning (2 hours), was at Disney ALL day and then spent the night near the Sanford Airport where the girls and I were flying out early the next morning.
I have to remember that we left Disney at 11:00, arrived at our hotel after midnight, slept a few hours and had to be at the airport at 6:00am! We were exhausted but Disney was worth every bit of it!! The girls were good as gold of course so that makes traveling so easy :)
This was our last day in sunny back to cold Arkansas and back to school and routine. The next time we'll be in Florida will be in 6 weeks for Sarah and Chris's big wedding day!!

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