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Friday, February 3, 2012

Downtown Disney

Our first stop at Disney was Downtown Disney. We love going there! Everything is free, besides the restaurants, but there are usually characters and always fun things for the kids to do along the roads. Because it was Christmas there were so many performers everywhere. I got a couple videos of them at the bottom. Both girls loved dancing along every time! Ana Maria is also loving getting her picture taken. She always tells me to take her picture but whatever she likes. Kathryn will usually stand there also but for about 2 seconds :)
We walked and walked and ate at the fun Dinosaur T-Rex restaurant. Every 10 minutes the dinosaurs would roar and cause a commotion. Both girls thought it was amazing! While we waited for our food we could also walk around everywhere.
Being able to ride the Disney bus because we stayed on property is awesome, especially after everyone being tired and you just want to get back to the room fast. We stayed out late but went straight to bed when we got back because we knew we had another exciting day ahead of us...Disney's Hollywood Studios!


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Shannon said...

We went to Downtown Disney our last night at Disney and I hope to spend more time there next time we go. We didn't see any characters out either. I remember eating at the Rainforest Cafe at 10pm. ha! The kids fell asleep on the bus ride home.