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Monday, September 5, 2011

Eureka Springs

While mom and Sarah were visiting, we spent one whole day in Eureka Springs! I had only been one other time before with Sarah but we went on a really cold day so we didn't get to walk much. This time it was a really hot day, maybe the hottest of the year but we still went and had a great time. Every store that we went into had a water jug for people to drink, that's how hot it was! I love the heat though and my family is from South Florida so we didn't mind it!
We visited all the tourists attractions, shopped (mom bought me a cute dress!), ate and went to Turpentine Creek Refuge :)

Catholic Church

Christ of the Ozarks

Sarah crammed in between my sweet girls!

Thank goodness we had umbrellas in the car for the sun or we would not have survived at Turpentine Creek!

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