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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to Miami!!

We spent 4 days in Miami before we left to go to Colombia for 11 days! It was so exciting and fun in Miami, the cousins never stop!! Our days consisted of swimming, nails, makeup, Wii Just Dance, hair, dancing, babies and just playing together!!
I love catching up with my sister in law while the kids play and Eduardo and his brother get to be together and have fun. I wish we lived closer to family just so the cousins could spend more time together. They are a hoot together and I love watching every minute of it!!

Eduardo and I took the girls to TCBY while Mario and Laura went on a date

Fun in the van!! 5 girls=loud!!

Swimming in their clubhouse pool

We went to all you can eat Sushi and then to the mall

VIDEOS: This is Wii, Just Dance! The best Wii game ever created!!

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