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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eduardo's 100 year old grandmother, amazing!!

Eduardo's grandmother (his dad's mother) turned 100 years old in she is really 100 and 1/2!! Every month counts when you are that old! :)
She is truly amazing and the most admirable woman I have ever met. She walks up and down stairs all day at her house, she cooks, cleans, sews, still has a ballet business, gets dressed fancy every morning and loves to talk!
Ana Maria was in love with her and Kathryn loved sitting on her lap also. I mentioned she has a ballet business...she makes leotards, tutus, tights, shoes, you name it! She let Ana Maria pick out anything she wanted when we first got there and when we left so Ana Maria is stocked up for dress up and dance!
We enjoyed lunch everyday at her house when we were in Bogota :) She is amazing!!

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Lina said...

Rosemary...I can't tell how much I appreciate everything you wrote about my grandmother. She really is a wonderful woman and She told me how special it was for her, the time she spent with your girls. Thank you!