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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ship, Tea Plantation and Goodbye

This was our last day in South Carolina. We tried to do as much as we could knowing we were leaving. We first went to a Navy ship and walked around the whole ship. Ana Maria thought it was really fun walking through it and walking up all the stairs to the top floor :) She was also able to get up close to the helicopters and airplanes which she liked.
After the ship, we went to the only Tea Plantation in the United States! It was interesting and educational. We went on the tour and sampled all the teas that are grown there. We even bought a green tea to take home!
After all that, we had to say goodbye to my grandmother. That was hard because no one really knows when we will see her again. Hopefully she'll come to Sarah's wedding in March but you never know (she didn't come to mine...). The time we spent with her was special and I hope Ana Maria remembers her. I know she won't forget all the Easter egg hunts she had and the kids that she played with that lived across the street!
South Carolina was a special visit :)

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